Battery Change Service - Silver

Battery Change Service - Silver

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Battery change using only Silver Oxide Renata batteries. We will also check and clean all the gaskets in your watch, add some silicon to them and do a pressure test to make sure it's waterproof. Finally, we will perform an electronic test on your movement to make sure it's running precisely and there are no faults.


Inlcudes delivery and return.


    Collection and return of the watch is included in the price. I will send you a foam lined box to put your watch in. The box will be pre-labeled for UPS. They will collect from your front door within a few days.

    Once the battery change is completed, your watch will be retuend to you via DHL or UPS.

    Please check with your home contents insurance or watch insurance that you are covered for sending your watch to a repair centre via courier. You can also purchase insurance for this delivery at

    Please keep in mind that you are sending your watch at your own risk and we can not be held responsible for any loss or damage whilst in transit. But, be assured, once the watch is with us, it will be comprehensively covered during the repair process and return back to you.