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Abandoned Customer Goods Policy

Abandoned customer goods, from this point referred to as “Abandoned Products”, have become an increasing problem for Margolis Watch Company, and one that cannot be tolerated since we are required to insure these products at our expense. As a result, we have implemented this “Abandoned Product” Policy to highlight the steps we will take should a customer product be abandoned on our site.

Our “Abandoned Product” Policy means if a customer’s product e.g. a watch, is brought to our Workshop for repair, and is “abandoned” by the customer for a period of 84 days (from the date we notified them the repair was completed), Margolis Watch Company will recycle, or otherwise dispose of or sell the item as a loss recovery measure, to recover the cost of insurance or on unpaid repairs carried out and labour time already spent on the equipment, etc.

“Abandoned” in this instance means that Margolis Watch Company will make “every reasonable best effort” to contact the customer by telephone and email (where such methods of contact are available) during the 84 day period, and if after this time, we have received no response from the customer regarding the item we will implement this “Abandoned Product” Policy and Procedure. 

Under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977, customers who leave goods with Margolis Watch Company for repair are under obligation to collect them, and we are entitled to dispose of/sell the goods if they remain uncollected and are not otherwise the subject of a dispute. Before Margolis Watch Company can dispose of/sell an “Abandoned Product” we must:

 Send the owner of the goods:

  1. Notification the repair is complete.

  2. Details of where the goods are to be collected and the address at which they are held (if this is not already known to them).

  3. Details of any sum of money owing in respect of the goods at the time the notice is sent (e.g. repair charges, storage costs etc.)

This notice may be delivered directly to the owner via email or phone using their last known contact details.

If the owner does not respond or arrange to collect the goods within 84 days, we are legally permitted to dispose of/sell the goods and pass “good title” to any purchaser.

Margolis Watch Company’s main objective of disposing/selling “Abandoned Product” is to recover the costs incurred by the Company (such as insurance, labour, materials, advertising costs for the sale, storage costs, etc.). After Company costs have been recovered, if there is any amount remaining, this will be sent to the previous owner of the goods. If for any reason Margolis Watch Company cannot contact the previous owner, the funds from the sale will be held for a period of six years, after which time the previous owner will be statute barred from suing for any proceeds from the sale, and the Act is not retrospective.

This Policy has been created and implemented to ensure clear lines of communication with our customers, and we appreciate their understanding and co-operation in this matter.

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