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Rates for Servicing and Repairs

Please note that prices are subject to change. All prices include VAT.

My rates are not the cheapest you will find. But I like to think they are good value. I use top end oils, tools and materials. I will seldom spend less than a full day on a simple watch service, giving it the attention it deserves. Big restoration projects can take months. I have extensive access to service manuals for movements going back decades so I'm able to follow their guidelines to the letter. I purchase old and obsolete parts from all over the world and often make parts that can't be located. I am a perfectionist and hopefully you will agree it shows in the quality of my work.

Base service charge for all watches - £250

Additional Charges for each complication:

Specialist escapements such as co-axial and Rolex - £100

Date - £50

Day Date - 60

Big Date - £80

Automatic - £60

GMT - £60

Tourbilon - £200 (prices may vary depending on movement)

Power Reserve - £50 (prices may vary depending on movement)

Chronograph - £170

Chronograph with hour recorder - £200

Ratrappante / split time recorder - £120 (prices may vary depending on movement)

Other complications such as Repeaters, alarms or perpetual calendars will need a bespoke quote.

Common repairs (only provided as part of a full service)

Replace Balance Staff - £150

Re-Pivoting - £180 (prices may vary)

Broken jewel - £60 (prices may vary)

Broken acrylic glass - £30 (prices may vary)

Broken Sapphire or mineral glass - £80 (prices may vary)

Restoration Work

Dynamic Poising - From £250 depending on watch

Re-Springing - From £500 depending on requirements

Re-Lume hands - From £60 depending on watch

Re-Lume dial - From £80 depending on watch

Full restorative polish case and bracelet - From £200 depending on watch

Case Laser repairs - From £150 depending on materials and extent of damage

Case re-plating - From £200 depending on materials and requirements

Dial and hands restoration - From £400 depending on requirements

Rolex Bracelet Stretch Repair - £250

Specialist Services - Price on Application

Restoration and decoration of movement parts

Making of wheels and pinions

CNC fabrication of watch and case parts

Custom designed display backs

Custom made straps

Custom made dials

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